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Cultiv8 - Employee wellbeing, mental health and engagement conference
Employee well-being, corporate culture and employee engagement conference

Employee engagement at Believe (music industry)

Employee engagement

Believe is one of the world’s leading digital music companies, helping artists and labels build their audiences and careers, at all stages of their development, in all local markets around the world, with respect, expertise, fairness and transparency. With 1,270 employees in over 50 countries, Believe owns several brands, labels and companies, including TuneCore, Nuclear Blast, Naïve, Groove Attack, and AllPoints.

Audrey Chemir

Panel: Culture and Well-being - Changing the DNA of your organization

Well-being on team/org level Panel discussion
Ruth Pott
Arosha Brouwer
Olivia Logan
Gemma Camacho
Shabnam (Shabs) Gill

Embracing a learning mindset in the new way of working at Shell

Well-being on team/org level
Monica Dragne

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Enlightening Talk on Mindful Eating

Micro intervention
Akcelina Cvijetic

Walking session - "digital detox"

Micro intervention Well-being on team/org level
Jane Piper

Korian’s approach to quality of Life at Work - Gender Diversity and Social Service for Employees

Well-being on team/org level
Mathilde Tabary

Panel: The Challenges of Designing a Post-Covid Workplace - Connectedness & Future of Work

Well-being on team/org level Panel discussion

What we don't need is a return to the old way of working. But what does the future of work look like and how do you bring the whole organization along?

  • Well-being, mental health and safety in the future workplace.
  • How does the employee experience differ between those who are in the office and those who are remote?
  • How much choice and flexibility do we allow our employees?
Karolina Kettler
Arosha Brouwer
Nicholas Wardle
Marine Cuda

Enlightening Talk on Stress and Anxiety Management with Mindfulness

Micro intervention
Akcelina Cvijetic

Mental Health Aider Initiative at Molson Coors and Boost Week at Ten Square Games

Well-being on team/org level 720 seconds talk

720 Seconds – two short case studies as inspiration:

  • Mental Health Aider Initiative at Molson Coors
  • How our Boost Week got people together at Ten Square Games
Mirosława Bartmańska
Tina Samson

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Use the Power of Sleep

Micro intervention

Do you have to use an alarm clock to wake up? If the answer is yes, you are probably not sleeping enough. Learn how this impacts your mind and body, participate in an interactive exercise, and get practical tips to boost sleep.

Els van der Helm

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Empowering Teams for their Well-being - Bynder

Well-being on team/org level
Ruben Vermaak

How to bring Awareness and calm to your life.

Micro intervention
Astrid Wecht

Workshop: Creating safe spaces for well-being conversations

Well-being on team/org level Networking

Psychological safety goes hand in hand with employee well-being. We will show, how to create safe spaces in conversations.

Danielle Bryant
Katya Stepanova

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