On-site meeting in Vienna English speaking

Digital Leadership Forum 2023

18 September 2023, 12.00 pm – 7.00 pm
Haus der Ingenieure, Vienna, Austria
Adriaan Bloem
Digital expert, speaker, author, Radagio
Andras Spiegel
E-Commerce Global Process Manager, Stellantis
Antonina Shelepova
Global Communications manager Global Supply Chain, Europe, Schneider Electriс
Bardha Azari
Director of Strategic Communication, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
Bipasha Bhattacharya
Director Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific and Germany, CNN International
Birgit Kressin
Global Communications Officer, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

The 10th edition of our yearly Digital Leadership Forum!

Talks include
  • #TrinityIsSocial

    Sharon will talk about the University’s approach to social media management across a large public sector organisation, which involves, engaging with a range of divers external audiences, building relationships with current and prospective students, and fostering collaborative relationships with colleagues

  • Avoiding the Dark Side: Predicting Consumer Needs and Analyzing Behavior Patterns Using App-Usage Data

    Data science – getting the most out of your data: Wouldn’t it be great to replace cohort targeting with individual targeting?


  • Break & Networking
  • Break & Networking
  • Bringing the organisation together through an organisation wide digital strategy to drive digital recruitment and promote campaigns.
  • Complex decision support with AI

    How Bayer support decisions in production planning with AI, but also the lessons learned from applying AI solutions and the outlook on future AI application will be addressed.

  • Customer Journey Mapping: Why, When, Where and How?

    Learn the foundations of Customer Journey Mapping by uncovering the rationale behind its application, the ideal timing, suitable touchpoints and the practical methodology.

    Boardroom, second floor.

  • Digital Leadership – thoughts by conference chair Volker Grünauer
  • Digital Workplace Demo - Award winning Intranet by Wellcome Trust
  • Dinner at Kelsen restaurant

    Located in Vienna´s Parliament building, we will experience a drink on the rooftop and the best flavours of the Austrian cuisine.

  • Fireside Talk: Navigating the Diversity & Sustainability Dialogue through an authentic voice.

    Join Erik Hartman in conversation with CNN’s Bipasha Bhattacharya for a candid conversation on purpose driven dialogue around the critical themes of DE&I and sustainability. Every organisation wants to engage and be a step ahead on these themes but are these efforts’ purpose driven or simply outcome driven. The session does a deep dive into how organisations and communicators should focus on long term, authentic and impactful initiatives that will help them gain credibility and inspire positive change.

  • Georg Fischer goes on Instagram

    Why to go, when to go, how to go on Instagram. From strategy definition to post performance, let's see what is important to do in order to launch Instagram and let it grow.

  • Get-together, Networking, Wine and Good Food
  • Good morning & Check-In
  • Guided tour at Austrian Parliament

    We will get a guided tour of the Austrian Parliament, which shows a stunning Neo-Greek architecture that offers a glimpse into the nation's rich cultural heritage.

    • ID Requirement: Please remind, you must bring your ID card or passport for the security check.
    • Prohibited Items: Large luggage, long umbrellas, bottles made out of glass and larger than 330ml, steel or aluminium bottles that are larger than 500ml and weapon-like objects are not allowed.
    • Security Check: After arrival, please proceed to the security check. Even if you've signed up for the guided tour, you still need to show your ID card and go through security, which may take some time.
    • Tour Details: The guided tour starts promptly at 5 pm, and the meeting point is the visitors center, located right after the security area.
    • Luggage Handling: If you're staying at Motel One Staatsoper, you can leave your luggage at the welcome desk of the conference at Haus der Ingenieure, and it will be transferred to Motel One for you.
    • Room Confirmation: If you've made a personal booking at Motel One Staatsoper, please note that room confirmation may be required by phone before 6 pm on the day of arrival (+43 1 5850505). This requirement depends on your booking method and does not apply to rooms booked through Advatera.
  • How Do We Bridge the Gap: Transforming Internal Communication for Blue and White-Collar Colleagues ?

    Overview of the used channel and taken measures for internal communication at Continental Hungary.

  • How emotion-aware AI leads to a step-change in music industry

    He will describe how AI systems learn from humans to interpret emotions and where the benefit lies in creating products that understand people's personality, intents and interests.

  • How Syngenta Group manages areas of tension through collaborations and digital tools

    Global and local. Digital and grounded. Fast-paced and regenerative. Find out how and why Syngenta Group relies on a collaboration with a top international athlete and the sound of a traditional Chinese musical instrument.

  • How to escape the company strategy

    Solving riddles together and completing a mission, in this case, finding a way out of a room – is the starting point of every escape room. Baloise took this idea, packed it into a suitcase, and is now using it for strategic communication in the most practical way.

  • How to get business management buy-in to support & invest in eCommerce/digital

    Do you sometimes struggle to get the active support and investments you need to drive digital or eCommerce initiatives?
    She will share about her learnings based on her eCommerce experience and will address the following: build the business case, setup the governance to maximize impact of digital investments, measure results on KPIs, resistance from sales and the channel … and keep a positive momentum over time!

  • Inclusion at Work and the Role of Managers

    Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at work goes beyond mere representation. It requires organizations to cultivate an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives. Communicators, armed with their skills in messaging, storytelling, and engagement can (should) play a crucial role in championing inclusivity within the workplace.

  • Inspiration or education? Striking the balance in company onboarding

    The importance of an engaging onboarding experience for employees will be discussed in this talk. Through stories from the development of a new onboarding journey at FREENOW, Luke will share how the team balanced sparking excitement with conveying key information – plus learnings to make an onboarding sessions more human-centric.

  • Keynote: How AI is Transforming Business Intelligence, Innovation and Reshaping the Future of Work

    AI has a huge impact on the future of work, as it can automate tasks, improve decision-making, create new products and services, and enable faster and more personalized customer interactions. AI can also augment human skills and creativity, and help workers focus on higher-value activities. AI can also create new jobs and opportunities for learning and development. However, AI also poses some challenges, such as ethical, legal and social implications, as well as the need for reskilling and upskilling of the workforce. Therefore, businesses need to adopt AI responsibly and strategically, and ensure that their employees are prepared and supported for the changes that AI brings.

  • Keynote: Leading into the Future

    A deep dive into what it takes to build inclusive future-facing teams and digital communities that thrive on shared leadership, transparency, accountability and a sensitivity to everyone's cultural and contextual realities. A discussion on the nature of the current global shifts towards more feminist practices that challenge leaders to transform their approach from traditional corporate cultures to more flexible and sustainable methodologies for the best organisational outcomes.

  • Lunch & Learn

    Discuss your current digital challenges with participants from all over Europe

  • Managing online communities: let data be your guide

    The majority of online communities are destined to fail. Whether it is due to a lack of staff, purpose, time or strategy, most platforms and forums appear to lose momentum the moment they are launched. Discover how a complete restructure of its online community driven by data and user feedback helped Imperial College London to (re)engage with its alumni. This session will also touch on how to avoid common mistakes and identify easy wins, helping you to set your online community up for success.

  • Moderated Roundtable Discussion

    Discuss your current challenges with colleagues from all over Europe.

    Roundtables include:

    • Global Reach, Local Impact: Balancing Global and Local Communications Strategies 
    • Strategic KPIs for Driving Digital Transformation
    • Ethics of GPT-Based Chatbot Marketing 
    • Selecting Technology shouldn't be a Technical Job
    • Navigating the Storms of Digital Transformation: the role of Internal Crisis Communication
    • Fostering Cultural Differences: Building Bridges for Successful Business 
    • Building High-Performing Digital and Comms Teams: Criteria for Selecting the Best Fit
    • The Power of Strategic Communication: Building Resilience in the Age of Misinformation 
    • Empowering Managers as Effective Communicators
    • Overcoming Digital Transformation Challenges: Best Practices
    • Employee Engagement
  • Piano concert

    Piano music by Olga Klimesch

  • Play to Win: Driving engagement virtually

    During a time of significant transformation for the organization, in 2022 and 2023 Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty hosted two global virtual employee events using a unique online portal, and driven by a bottom up approach to content creation. Find out more about the planning, preparation and learnings, plus the ups and downs of these broad reaching events.

  • Registration and Welcome
  • Room Swap

    Short break to change room and go to the next talk!

  • The Collar doesn’t matter!

    How NETZSCH reaches Blue Collar and White Collar workers at the same time. Internal communication throughout a global intranet.

  • The Use of AI: Enhancing Content Production & Boosting Work Productivity

    In this workshop we will split into two groups and discuss the fundamentals of generative AI for content production and we will use some popular tools. Please bring your own laptop along for this workshop!

    • Content production with artificial intelligence and machine learning in real-life projects
    • Text generation, Mastering Prompts: The 5 Crucial Elements, Microsoft Co-pilots, Data Privacy when using generative AI;
    • Image generation, simplifying text-to-image tools: what you need to know, Midjourney and Adobe Firefly, using your own face for generated images, copyright issues;

    Rooms B and C, downstairs, first floor

  • Townhall - Summarizing the Conference

    What did we learn today? The fun session with Erik summarizing the day's learnings.

  • Walk to Austrian Parliament

    10-minutes walk to the Austrian Parliament building.

  • Welcome by Volker Grünauer, conference chair
  • Unlocking the potential within: How to empower your workforce through effective internal communication

    Ballroom (Room A), second floor.