On-site meeting in Niederönz English speaking

Internal & External Communications, Digital Workplace Switzerland

28 June 2023, 3.30 pm – 4.00 pm
Bystronic, Niederönz, Switzerland
Christopher Ruehl
Senior Manager CP Communication and Digital Engagement & interim Head of Communications Switzerland, Syngenta
Gundekar Giebel
Leiter Kommunikation, Responsable de communication, Gesundheits-, Sozial- und Integrationsdirektion, Kanton Bern
Nathalie Zulauf
Corporate Communications Manager, Bystronic Group
Volker Grünauer
Moderator, Advatera

Experience exchange on corporate communications, internal communication and digital workplace.

Topics include

  • Insight into communication at Bystronic: change of internal communication in a corporate change process, by Nathalie Zulauf
  • Digitalization, Efficiency increase & lean processes, Regionalization, and Employer branding & drive engagement. Based on Bystronic strategy, insights into the newly 2023 launched employee portal NiC – the future digital workplace.
  • Bridging Borders: Cultivating Connections in Canton Bern
    The canton of Bern (Health and Social Directorate) is housing almost 8000 people which have left the Ukraine. We are offering shelter and food and some minor programs e.g. language.
    To get in contact and to communicate with these people was and is not easy. That is the reason why we are continuing to do a lot of communication work for them as well as for the population of the canton.
    Gundekar Giebel, Kanton Bern
  • Impact on a budget. An experimental approach to HR communications, by Christopher Ruehl, Syngenta
    • Positioning as a great place to work: HR-Comms projects: finding talent through communication.
  • Best-practice examples for successful digital communications
  • Strategies to improve internal and external communications
  • Generative AI
    • How LLMs (large language models) really work and why they sometimes give good sounding but still wrong results.
    • Midjourney and Adobe Firefly for image production – try it out, we will have test accounts at the meeting so everyone can try
  • Strengthening employee involvement and feedback mechanisms
  • Adapting to hybrid work environments and mobile working
  • Measuring success and analyzing comms initiatives
  • Guided tour at Bystronic (starting at 3pm)
  • As always: plenty of time for open discussions

Based on the registration of English-speaking participants and colleagues from Geneva, the meeting may be in English. For collaborative activities and open conversations, we will ensure the availability of German breakout groups as well!

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Participation for Advatera members is of course at no extra charge. Guests are welcome on a one-time basis to get to know the group, only if space is available. Please sign-up and we will let you know. Sales free meeting, no registrations from agencies, consultants, sales people and vendors please. This is an on-site meeting at Bystronic in Niederönz.