On-site meeting in Zürich English speaking

Social Media Switzerland

3 May 2022, 9.30 am – 4.00 pm
Pro Juventute, Zürich, Switzerland
Nil Günes
Social Media Managerin, Pro Juventute
Priska Lambrecht
Online Marketing Managerin, Pro Juventute
Walid Lattef
Pro Juventute
Kim Siep
Business Partner Social MediaBusiness, SV Group
Alizia Trambaiolo
Director, Head of Global Medical Marketing & Excellence, Straumann Group
Gerti Windhuber
Social Media Managerin, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Knowledge sharing session for social media managers from national and international organizations as well as open discussions and networking. Fully sales-free, no agencies, no consultants.

  • Reaching a new generation – our tactics for 147.ch, Nil Günes, Social Media Manager at Pro Juventute
    • In Switzerland, 147 stands for our national counselling service for children, adolescents and young adults. We are available 24/7 by phone, and our counselling sessions are always free and confidential. With the rapid growth of the social media platform Tiktok, we realized that we also had to be present there in order to reach the next generation. Since then, we have been allowed to try many things as well as learn. In this talk, we will tell you about our successful journey as a company on Tiktok.
  • Followed by a field report: Tiktok videos on Instagram Reels
  • Corporate Influencer: So viel mehr als Likes und Shares, Gerti Windhuber, Social Media Managerin at Rohde & Schwarz
    • Viele Unternehmen haben bereits erkannt, dass in der Social Media Kommunikation wie wichtig die eigenen Mitarbeitenden, die so genannten Corporate Influencer sind. Doch es reicht nicht, dass sie einfach stupide die Unternehmensinhalte vervielfältigen und über die eigenen Social Media Profile verteilen. In dieser kurzen Case Study zeigt Ihnen Gerti Windhuber, wie das Rohde & Schwarz Advocates-Programm aufgebaut ist, um eine Win-Win-Situation für Mitarbeitende und Unternehmen zu schaffen.
  • How can Social Media leverage an effective education and learning experience, Alizia Trambaiolo, Straumann Group
    • Making the most of growing opportunities with KOOLs – Key Online Opinion Leaders and leverage KOL presence online
    • Creating a strategic framework that can be adapted globally, regionally and locally
    • Project plan that defines an strong editorial plan and funnels to a tailored content creation
  • Reach new audiences without commercial breaks. Still possible?
  • Discussion: Is the metaverse the future of social media? Real-world case studies and what we may have to expect in the future.
  • Open discussions – bring your current challenges along

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Participation for Advatera members is of course at no extra charge. Guests are welcome on a one-time basis to get to know the group, only if space is available. Please sign-up and we will let you know. Sales free meeting, no registrations from agencies, consultants, sales people and vendors please. This is an on-site meeting at Pro Juventute in Zürich.