Advatera. Empowering you through knowledge sharing.

Empowering you through knowledge sharing.

Advatera Online Sessions

Hey, thanks for showing by. While it is not currently possible for us to visit each other or meet in the usual way, we should still get together, listen, share ideas and learn from each other. It is physical distancing, not social distancing. 

Below are recorded online sessions as well as live online sessions exclusively for Advatera members and participants of the Digital Leadership Forum. Online sessions will be added at least weekly, so don’t forget to bookmark the page.

Further upcoming editions include:

  • Farhan Rehman about personalization and speaking human as organization
  • Marina Perez talking about multiculturalism in organizations and why it drives business
  • Sandy Ghuman talking with Delphine Bradshaw-Nguyen about how to make most out of the data you have in your organization

Live online sessions & discussion rounds

All live sessions take place in a confidential setting and are not recorded. This enables open discussions.

  • 24th March, 1 pm – 3 pm
    Social Media Managers
    • „Why Facebook matters for B2B organizations – Use Cases of Zumtobel Group” 
    • Empowering our employees to become our advocates: our journey through Linkedin Elevate, learnings from the pilot year and next steps moving forward, Syngenta
    • “Losing your mind with social media”, guest talk with Corona relation by Jane Piper
  • 26th March, 1 pm – 2 pm (German speaking)
    Diskussion: Interne Kommunikation in Zeiten von Corona
    • Ob andere Kollegen spezielle Programme für Mitarbeiter im Home Office, bzw. für die Blue Collar Workers (welche noch in den Fabriken teilweise weiterarbeiten müssen) umsetzen, „cheer-up-messages“ verschicken oder andere Aktionen z.B. im Intranet planen.
    • Krisenkommunikation – wie geht ihr in der internen Kommunikation mit Kurzarbeit und Freistellungen um.
    • Geselligkeit in Zeiten von Corona. Soziale Distanzierung sollte wohl das Unwort des Jahres werden. Müsste vielmehr physische Distanzierung und sozialer Zusammenhalt heissen. Diesen Zusammenhalt wollen wir in den Online Meetings natürlich auch leben!
    • Ist eine vertrauliche Diskussionsrunde, es gibt keine Aufzeichnung des Termins.
  • 2nd April, 1pm – 3pm
    Social Intranet and Digital Workplace
    • Case study: Staying connected with your people in times of uncertainty.
      Internal communication in the time of Corona.
      Catrin Lewis, Head of Global Engagement and Internal Communications, Reward Gateway
    • Teams meeting format “+1 Monthly”, that keeps employees informed about current developments and projects.
      Ralph Kampwirth, LichtBlick (German green energy company with about 1 million customers)
  • 16th April, 1pm – 3pm
    Digital Managers and Digital Marketing
  • 23rd April, 1pm – 3pm
    Corporate Comms and Crisis Comms

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