Advatera. Empowering you through knowledge sharing.

Empowering you through knowledge sharing.

Advatera Online Sessions

While it is not currently possible for us to visit each other or meet in the usual way, we should still get together, listen, share ideas and learn from each other. It is physical distancing, not social distancing.

Below are recorded online sessions as well as live online sessions exclusively for Advatera members. Online sessions are added at least weekly, so don’t forget to bookmark the page.

Live online sessions

All live sessions take place in a confidential setting and are not recorded. This enables open discussions.

  • Digital Managers Get-Together

    28 September 2020, 1.00 pm – 1.00 pm

    We will have two parts:

    - We start with a general knowledge sharing session with current challenges and networking of the Geneva group
    - Followed by "Amazon: How to optimize your relationship & negotiation with Amazon, to improve your brand's share on the platform".

    Feel free to join one or both parts.

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  • Digital Workplace, Employee Experience & Internal Comms Group - Get Together

    29 September 2020, 1.00 pm – 2.30 pm
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  • Digital Internal Comms & Employee Experience Meetup UK Group

    5 October 2020, 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm (London time)

    As a side event of the Digital Leadership Forum, our members and friends of the UK Internal Comms and Employee Experience group will meet for a get-together. It will be an open discussion about your current challenges, ideas and approaches.

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  • Insight Session: ÖBB Intranet Demo & Personalisierung sowie Informationsverteilung

    15 October 2020, 11.00 am – 12.00 pm

    Rudolf Lehner wird das neue ÖBB Social Intranet präsentieren und insbesondere Bezug auf die Informationsverteilung der einzelnen Tochtergesellschaften im Intranet und der Personalisierung Bezug nehmen.

    Gefolgt von einer Diskussion zum Thema Personalisierung und Newsverteilung im Unternehmen.

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  • The pitfalls of agility

    15 October 2020, 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

    Stephan Weinhold, Scrum Master at ACI Worldwide, is a project manager with more than 15 years field experience in leading and evolving teams, a fondness for technology, and no awe to dirty his hands.

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  • Swisscom Social Media Case Study: Employee Advocacy & Social Ambassador Program

    20 October 2020, 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

    With Sascha Bianchi, Head of Social Media Governance at Swisscom

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Please bookmark the page, further topics will be added regularly.

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Recorded sessions

Further upcoming editions include:

  • Farhan Rehman about personalization and speaking human as organization
  • Marina Perez talking about multiculturalism in organizations and why it drives business
  • Sandy Ghuman talking with Delphine Bradshaw-Nguyen about how to make most out of the data you have in your organization

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