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Digital Leadership Forum 2022

26. September 2022, 10:00 – 19:00
House of Engineers, Vienna, Austria
Adriaan Bloem
Digital expert, speaker, author, Radagio
Antonia Lepore
CMO, AXA Schweiz
Cadence Willis
VP Sage Foundation, Board Advisor and Charity Trustee, Sage
Caroline Rheubottom
Senior Manager Internal Communications, Intuit
Charlton Payne
Channel Manager Internal Communications, ZEISS Group
Denis Ferrand
Director of International HR Support, Careers & Staffing, Transdev

The two-day hybrid conference focuses on digital innovation and on empowering you and your team to lead the continuous transformation of your organisation. Conference topics include digital internal and external communication including marketing & social media, leadership & transformation, future of work & digital workplace, corporate culture, employee well-being and sustainability.

  • A Cat, a Panda and a Unicorn Meet in Church - Strategic Social Media Communication for the Church

    We've always done it this way. So what? / It's me: the strange church guy!

  • Afternoon opening thoughts by Volker Grünauer
  • Break & Networking
  • Break & Networking
  • Celebrating Beyond Borders: The ZEISS 175 Digital Anniversary Radio Live on the Intranet
  • Digital Leadership - Linde Case Study

    Digitalization is a lot about creating new products as well as driving productivity. But in the core of digitalization, there always is the human. To create an impact an organization must leverage the intellect of the community. Only people that have the right mindset, motivation and skillset can deliver solutions with high speed.

  • Digital Leadership – thoughts by conference chair Volker Grünauer
  • Digitization of internal communication - Transavia Case Study

    Translating strategic and organizational goals into tactical and operational communication plans to encourage employee engagement and support digital interaction by facilitating dialogue.

  • Dinner at Glacis Beisl
  • Discussion: Podcasts in communications
  • Employee well-being and engagement as key to success
  • From social to community. OTTO's internal communication reinvents itself
  • From top-down to bottom-up - Our journey to change employee communications through our social intranet
  • Gamification - how to make your communications fun and engaging

    How to use Gamification in order to make communications more fun and give employees the opportunity to engage with each other.

  • Get-together, Networking, Wine and Good Food
  • Good Morning & Check-In
  • Guided tour at Albertina
  • If our pets could order for themselves: The first social media campaign at zooplus
  • Internal Communication during a reorganization
  • Keynote: Digital Inclusion
  • Keynote: The Trust Imperative in the Era of ‘Beg Data’
  • Lunch & Learn

    Discuss your current digital challenges with participants from all over Europe

  • Managing Online Communities through Mental Crises - Being the Bigger Person/Brand
  • Moderated Roundtable Discussion

    Discuss your current challenges with colleagues from all over Europe.

    Roundtables include:

    • Ever lost your customer's trust because of scammers, fakes and frauds? Find out how to control what's yours!
    • Working with KPIs in internal comms
    • Microsoft Viva – Employee Experience Platform vs. Intranet and Employee App
    • Employee Wellbeing as key to success
    • Employee Engagment
    • Rountable Employee App
    • Social Media Trolls
    • Showing clear ROI from digital marketing efforts
    • Managing digital assets
  • One ALPLA News: Re-Defining Intranet as a central news hub for a global community.
  • Panel Discussion
  • Personalized Marketing @AXA Switzerland
  • Registration and Welcome
  • The Kiss NFT – A first step into the Metaverse for the Belvedere Museum
  • Townhall - Summarizing the Conference

    What did we learn today? A fun session which summarizes the learnings of today.

  • Welcome by Volker Grünauer, conference chair
  • Workshop: Digital Experience

    The on-site workshop in Vienna is led by Adriaan Bloem and the online workshop is led by Tony Byrne

  • Workshop: Human(e) Digital Connection

    Zoom fatigue, information overload and techno-stress – new words we all learnt during the pandemic. Technological advances and digital transformation are creating new opportunities but also new challenges. While your iPhone was upgraded just a few days ago, the last update of our human software (brain) was 200,000 years ago.

    In this workshop Jane will look at the neuroscience and psychology to understand how to truly connect and engage with customers and employees in a digital age exploring: Why we react and respond differently to digitally vs face-to-face communication. How cognitive overload and stress slows down collaboration Ways of building trust in a digital age Thought provoking questions and practical ideas to understand the psychology of tech – human interaction in a digital age.

  • Workshop: Let's explore how we can ensure a consistent Content Lifecycle of our Intranets’

    What is needed to ensure relevant, easy to find, concise and always up to date information in the intranet.Which trainings and processes are needed to make for good intranet content and to ensure a continuous Content Lifecycle.
    In this workshop we want to clarify the:

    • Why – Get a common understanding of Content Lifecycle Management in the intranet
    • What – Gather how Content Lifecycle Management is perceived in your intranet environment and elaborate first solutions
    • How – We show you how we want to implement Content Lifecycle Management at Endress+Hauser

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