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Advatera. Netzwerk für Kommunikations-, Marketing- und Digitalverantwortliche.

Netzwerk für Kommunikations-, Marketing- und Digitalverantwortliche.

Content life-cycle and information governance

09.06.2015, 3.20 pm – 3.50 pm CET
  • Challenges we had
  • How we reviewed and migrated our content
  • How we are managing the content life-cycle (including the tools, techniques and governance framework we have put in place)

Angela Rossiter will provide an overview of their content life-cycle approach, share details of key challenges and lessons learnt, and provide a short live demo of their new SharePoint 2013 intranet focused on the key elements enabling content sharing.  Angela will also explain how they drove, and continue to drive, change inside the company so that the intranet plays a crucial role in enabling effective knowledge management and global collaboration.

Angela Rossiter