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Netzwerk für Kommunikations-, Marketing- und Digitalverantwortliche.

Employee engagement in digital workplaces

16.03.2021, 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm CET

We know how technology is trying to find better solutions to keep employees connected with one another in an increasingly mobile world. What this is leading to is people connecting with each other more through devices and less in person. At least in my 15 years of work, many of which were spent in multi-manufacturing locations’ companies, I have seen that this digital connect through the intranet is a mere ‘semblance’ of communication. Yes, it has replaced physical meetings with online deliberations. Yes, it does lead to information getting disseminated faster. But is it leading to employees really collaborating with each other? Really celebrating small victories at work? Really participating in office dialogues with mind, heart and spirit? Really consuming and understanding the information that is being sent? There was a time that necessitated physical to be replaced with digital. Is it now time that digital should help us get back into being more physical?

Sonal Singh