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26 + 27 September · Vienna · hybrid conference · 9th Edition

Digital Leadership Forum 2022

Digital Communications, Corporate Culture & Digital Transformation

Join us for a boutique conference in Vienna and online.

Two days full of inspiring workshops, talks, discussions and side events on digital transformation, digital communications,  future of hybrid work, digital equality, social media, corporate culture and leadership. The conference takes place on-site in Vienna at the House of Engineers, a traditional Viennese city palace. Most sessions can also be attended online.

Digital Leadership Forum · 26 + 27 September 2022


Adriaan Bloem, Radagio
Adriaan Bloem
Radagio (Spain)

Digital expert, speaker, author

Managing web and digital projects

Antonia Lepore, AXA Schweiz
Antonia Lepore
AXA Schweiz (Switzerland)


Personalized Marketing @AXA Switzerland

Cadence Willis, Collinson
Cadence Willis
Collinson (UK)

Global Director of Employee Engagement and Corporate Responsibility

Caroline Rheubottom, Intuit
Caroline Rheubottom
Intuit (UK)

Senior Manager Internal Communications

Charlton Payne, ZEISS Group
Charlton Payne
ZEISS Group (Germany)

Channel Manager Internal Communications

Celebrating Beyond Borders: The ZEISS 175 Digital Anniversary Radio Live on the Intranet

Denis Ferrand, Transdev
Denis Ferrand
Transdev (France)

Director of International HR Support, Careers & Staffing

Erik Hartman, TIMAF
Erik Hartman
TIMAF (Netherlands)

Moderator and trainer

Expert in interprise information management and business process optimization

Gaby Nijzingh-Mos, Transavia
Gaby Nijzingh-Mos
Transavia (Netherlands)

Internal Communications Specialist

Gernot Schweigkofler, ALPLA Group
Gernot Schweigkofler
ALPLA Group (Austria)

Senior Internal Communications Manager

One ALPLA News: Re-Defining Intranet as a central news hub for a global community.

Jane Piper, PIPSY
Jane Piper
PIPSY (Switzerland)

Author and coach

Human(e) Digital Connection. Bringing together psychology and business.

Jens Albers, Bistum Essen
Jens Albers
Bistum Essen (Germany)

Stellvertretender Pressesprecher

A Cat, a Panda and a Unicorn Meet in Church - Strategic Social Media Communication for the Church

Johannes Eichin, Endress+Hauser Group
Johannes Eichin
Endress+Hauser Group (Germany)

Technology Consultant - Digital Workplace

Julia Juckel, Siemens
Julia Juckel
Siemens (Germany)

Employee Engagement

Podcasts in internal communications

Jürgen Pölzl, artèQ
Jürgen Pölzl
artèQ (Austria)

The Kiss NFT – A first step into the Metaverse for the Belvedere Museum

Lars Meese, Vivantes
Lars Meese
Vivantes (Germany)

Internal Communications Manager

Digital workplace: From top-down to bottom-up - Our journey to change employee communications through our social intranet

Laura Geftman, Bicycle Health
Laura Geftman
Bicycle Health (USA)

Social Media Manager

Social Media Trolls: Being the Bigger Person/Brand

Mareike Braun, Linde Engineering
Mareike Braun
Linde Engineering (Germany)

Program Manager Digitalization

Digital Transformation, "Penguin Strategy"

Markus Wiesenhofer, Galerie Belvedere
Markus Wiesenhofer
Galerie Belvedere (Austria)

Kommunikation und Marketing

The Kiss NFT – A first step into the Metaverse for the Belvedere Museum

Michelle Habegger, Zühlke Group
Michelle Habegger
Zühlke Group (Switzerland)

Head of Internal Communications

Mike Huber, Endress+Hauser
Mike Huber
Endress+Hauser (Germany)

Senior Technology Consultant - Digital WorkplaceSenior

Nanna Thiele, Linde
Nanna Thiele
Linde (Germany)

Head of Digitalization

Digital Transformation, "Penguin Strategy"

Nicholas Wardle, One Housing
Nicholas Wardle
One Housing (UK)

Head of Employee Engagement & Communications

Co-author of 'Monetising the Employee Experience' & multi award-winning Employee Experience, Internal Communications and Employee Engagement Leader

Nina Burmester, Otto
Nina Burmester
Otto (Germany)

Senior Communications Channel Managerin (interne und externe Kanäle)

Sarah Sunderbrink, zooplus
Sarah Sunderbrink
zooplus (Germany)

Senior Lead Social Media

If our pets could order for themselves: The first social media campaign at zooplus

Tony Byrne, Real Story Group
Tony Byrne
Real Story Group (USA)


Tony is the original author of The Real Story Group’s Web Content Management research, a former journalist, and a 20-year technology industry veteran.

Volker Grünauer, Advatera
Volker Grünauer
Advatera (Austria)


Moderator des Advatera Netzwerkes

Xeniya Shilina, Medtronic
Xeniya Shilina
Medtronic (Netherlands)

Senior Communication Program Manager, EMEA

Gamification – how to make your internal communications fun and engaging


Track A
Track B
Track C
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm CEST

Registration and Welcome

1:00 pm – 1:05 pm CEST

Welcome by Volker Grünauer, conference chair

Volker Grünauer, Advatera
1:05 pm – 3:30 pm CEST

Workshop: Selecting the right technology - MarTech, Digital, Customer Experience

Tony Byrne, Real Story Group
1:05 pm – 3:30 pm CEST

Workshop "Social Media Trolls: Being the Bigger Person/Brand"

Laura Geftman, Bicycle Health
1:05 pm – 3:30 pm CEST

Workshop: Digital workplace evolution

Johannes Eichin, Endress+Hauser Group
Mike Huber, Endress+Hauser
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm CEST

The Kiss NFT – A first step into the Metaverse for the Belvedere Museum

Jürgen Pölzl, artèQ
Markus Wiesenhofer, Galerie Belvedere
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm CEST

Personalized Marketing @AXA Switzerland

Antonia Lepore, AXA Schweiz
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm CEST

Celebrating Beyond Borders: The ZEISS 175 Digital Anniversary Radio Live on the Intranet

Charlton Payne, ZEISS Group
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm CEST

Guided tour at Albertina

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm CEST

Get-together at Glacis Beisl

Agenda and locations subject to changes

Images from our pre-Covid editions of the Digital Leadership Forum. Of course, all Covid regulations in place at the time of the event will be met.

Cat Lewis
Cat Lewis
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The Digital Leadership Forum has been an incredibly valuable development opportunity for me and contributed lots towards my professional development. Incredibly well organised, superb networking and such a supportive and professional team. Highly recommended!
Jane Piper
Jane Piper
Read More
A very enjoyable conference with a good mix of practical case studies from companies and thought provoking ideas. Small enough (100-200) to meet most of the people and enjoy good conversations.
Delphine Nguyen
Delphine Nguyen
Read More
Digital technology changes so fast... To help you learn best practices from quality professionals, Advatera is a great network. The Digital Leadership Forum is the highlight of the year too!

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Register below for the Digital Leadership Forum on September 26-27, 2022. The hybrid conference is held at House of Engineers, a prestigious Viennese city palace, and can also be attended online.


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