Advatera. Empowering you through knowledge sharing.

Empowering you through knowledge sharing.

Advatera Team

Volker Grünauer

Volker Grünauer

CEO and moderator

Erik Hartman

Erik Hartman

Trainer and moderator. Erik is founder of TIMAF, The Information Management Foundation

Caroline Rheubottom

Caroline Rheubottom


Gabi Wüstenberg


Nina Aigner

Marketing Lead & Moderator

Ricarda Augl

Growth Lead

Marie Gonzalez

Conference & Meeting Manager

Marianne Höllerer

Marianne Höllerer

Book Keeping & Invoicing

Premium knowledge sharing since 2008

The concept of the Advatera expert groups dates back to 2008. At that time Volker Grünauer, who was responsible for digital at the Wienerberger Group at that time, founded the New Media Forum. It was an association of Austrian companies sharing their experiences around digital transformation. Agencies and consultants were not allowed to participate in the regular meetings, it started already as advertisment free and down-to-earth knowledge sharing environment. Many of the participants from the very beginning, including OMV, Swarovski, Wienerberger and Spar, by the way, still meet regularly today, namely in Advatera’s Digital Managers Group.

To date, the network has grown rapidly with more than 1300 participants (as of January 2017) at http://my.advatera.com and weekly meetings throughout Europe. 

The Advatera Expert Groups

The core of Advatera is you, the experts in various fields related to digital internal and external communication. The regularity of the meetings allows topics to be taken up and developed over several meetings. You as a participant can expect an open exchange with people in a similar job role, from different industries.

Challenges which you have in your project have certainly been faced by other companies. Sharing experiences helps to save costs and develop new ideas. This benefits your company and your career.

Subject areas of the expert groups include:

  • Digital leadership, change and innovation
  • Digital transformation and strategy
  • External Communications, Corporate Communications and PR
  • Internal communication
  • Intranet, digital workplace,
  • employee experience and collaboration
  • social media management
  • Digital marketing and web content management

The Digital Leadership Forum

Since 2013 we organize the annual Digital Leadership Forum, our boutique conference for members, friends and also for all those who want to get to know the Advatera network. Boutique means that the goal is not beeing the largest conference, but the strongest in terms of content. Talks are given by practitioners, the setting is exclusive and confidential – so that the participants have the opportunity to get in touch with all other participants. The quality of the content is crucial to us. Of course there are no sponsored talks. The tickets are not for sale to agencies, providers and consultants. This guarantees that mainly practitioners, i.e. those responsible for digital, marketing and communication, will attend.

Pictures from meetings

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