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16 + 17 September · Vienna · hybrid conference · 11th Edition

Digital Leadership Forum 2024

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Digital Communications, Corporate Culture & Digital Transformation in the era of the rise of AI

Join us for a boutique conference in Vienna and online.

Two days full of inspiring workshops, talks, discussions and side events on digital transformation, the use of AI, digital communications,  future of hybrid work, digital equality, social media, corporate culture and leadership. The conference will be held in the Haus der Ingenieure, a traditional city palace, in the center of Vienna. Most sessions can also be attended online.

Digital Leadership Forum · 16 + 17 September 2024


Stay Tuned—Further speakers on the way! Check our 2023 agenda to get a taste of the energy and insights you can expect. Don’t miss out!

Alejandro Varsky, FIFPRO
Alejandro Varsky
FIFPRO (Netherlands)

Director of Communications

Antonina Shelepova, Schneider Electriс
Antonina Shelepova
Schneider Electriс (Hungary)

Global Communications manager Global Supply Chain, Europe

She can relate to the following quote "Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.” (Brian Tracy)

Bipasha Bhattacharya, CNN International
Bipasha Bhattacharya
CNN International (Germany)

Director Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific and Germany

This quote from Maya Angelou resonates with her “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Darren Hill, Petrofac
Darren Hill
Petrofac (UK)

Digital Communications and Marketing Manager

Steven Bartlett´s quote resonates with him “Stories are the single most powerful weapon any leader can arm themselves with – they are the currency of humanity. Those who tell captivating, inspiring, emotional stories rule the world.”

Erik Hartman, TIMAF
Erik Hartman
TIMAF (Netherlands)

Moderator and trainer

Expert in enterprise information management and business process optimization

Fareyd Bonnett,
Fareyd Bonnett (Czech Republic)

Manager of Internal Communications

Felicity Sibindi, VSO
Felicity Sibindi
VSO (Netherlands)

Senior Programme Manager

"Leadership: Building inclusive and diverse communities."

Felicity is an expert in positive transformation of communities. The following quote resonates with her “We are greater than, and greater for, the sum of us.” – Heather McGhee

Janine Kretschmer, Corporate Communications
Janine Kretschmer
Corporate Communications (Austria)

Junior Digital Corporate Communications Manager

Laura Bieler, Beiersdorf
Laura Bieler
Beiersdorf (Germany)

Digital Corporate Communications & External Media Manager

For Laura, companies that want their employees to speak positively and authentically about their employer on social media need to do more than just insist on it and wait. Nothing works without a mindset shift and a basic understanding of the importance of personal branding on channels like LinkedIn – this requires corporate support, education and role models.

Marie Gonzalez, Advatera
Marie Gonzalez
Advatera (Austria)


From the organisation to the speaker inputs and get together times, the conference is a very rich learning space. The following quote catches her attention: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Paul Bennun, DAZN
Paul Bennun

VP Internal Communications and Involvement

Paul's passion is improving engagement and enablement across the business through a blend of global and local initiatives.

Peter Nissen, Ramboll Group
Peter Nissen
Ramboll Group (Denmark)

Digital & Web Manager

Stefan Stojadinovic, Petrofac
Stefan Stojadinovic
Petrofac (UK)

Head of Digital Content and Channels

This quote from Günther Steiner (an F1 Legend) “The most important thing is that you give something a go. And if it doesn’t work, change it back again. Never be afraid to go back to something if you have to”.

Viviana Cordero, Oikocredit
Viviana Cordero
Oikocredit (Netherlands)

Communications Business Partner for Outflow

Volker Grünauer, Advatera
Volker Grünauer
Advatera (Austria)


Moderator des Advatera Netzwerkes

Yann Jeschke, NETZSCH Group
Yann Jeschke
NETZSCH Group (Germany)

Director Group Corporate Brand & Communications

To him, “Communication is the key to EVERYTHING”

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Register below for the Digital Leadership Forum on September 16-17, 2024. The conference is held at House of Engineers, a prestigious Viennese city palace.

Included in the ticket are both days of workshops and sessions as well as the guided tour of Nationalbibliothek and dinner on Monday evening, catering for both days and the get-together after the conference on Tuesday.

Address of conference venue:

Haus der Ingenieure (House of engineers)

Eschenbachgasse 9
1010 Vienna


Advatera stands for the regular exchange of experiences between digital, communication and marketing managers. Challenges you have faced in digital, web or intranet projects have almost certainly been experienced by others. The sharing of experiences can help your organization reduce its costs and sharpen its focus on essential success factors.