The Customer Journey: Moving Beyond the Conversion Funnel

When analyzing consumer behavior, it’s not about filling a funnel. It’s about guiding the buyers through a journey, said Erik Hartman at this year’s Digital Leadership Forum in Vienna. Let’s take a closer look at the meaning behind his words and how we can improve our understanding of the buying process. Conversion funnels are an […]

Intranet Request for Proposal (RfP) – download template

Each RfP is unique, but the following guidelines should give you an idea of how to write a good RfP. In addition to these tips, we have prepared a sample RfP that you can easily download and customize to your needs. Avoid feature lists Instead of writing a list of features, it is better to […]

Accidental Innovation: Seeing Potential in the Unexpected

Digital communications are evolving at an unprecedented pace and reshaping the way we connect with and relate to one another. Behind this rapid change is continuous innovation ― but it doesn’t always come in the form we expect. One of the themes of this year’s Digital Leadership Forum in June will be “unexpected successes as […]

Why Digital Projects Go Wrong – Top 3 Obstacles in Project Management

Image source: stutterstock / PathDoc

We often embrace new projects with great enthusiasm in the beginning. But who hasn’t experienced a project going wrong despite ample dedication and high motivation? Or at least, obstacles arise that lead to project delays, additional costs, and a drop in motivation. Here are my top 3 problems in project management which should be avoided: […]

What it means to be a leader in an increasingly digitized world…

Gareth Main, Head of Online Merchandising at Guardian News & Media, will be this year’s keynote speaker at the Digital Leadership Forum 2015, which will be held June 8-9 in Vienna. Below, I asked him a few questions about what it means to be a leader in an increasingly digitized world: Our event where you […]