Advatera. Empowering you through knowledge sharing.

Empowering you through knowledge sharing.

Advatera knowledge sharing groups

Meet peers from other organizations and discuss your current challenges face-to-face. Of course, all meetings are confidential: agencies, consultants and vendors are not allowed to take part. This setting allows for a down-to-earth knowledge-sharing environment.

You access a network of digital managers from national and international organizations. A broad variety of organizations is participating such as: ABB, Airbus, Caritas, L’Oréal, Swarovski, Swiss Post, Swisscom, 

All meetings are professionally moderated by Advatera. The meetings are not sponsored by the industry. They are completely advertisement free and neutral. This environment makes open and honest knowledge-sharing possible.

  • There are at least three on-site meetings per expert group per year.
  • In addition there are recorded online sessions for members. New recorded sessions are added on a regular basis..
  • And we have on a regular basis online sessions where all members throughout the whole Advatera community are invited. This enables a multinational dialogue on the topics.

Due to the regularity of the meetings, we can address long-term projects, for example, the development of a toolbox for informal benchmarking with other participating organizations. This helps you drive your project.

Share your current challenges and get feedback from the group. Definitely at least one of the participating organizations already faced a similar challenge.

English speaking groups:

Some of our upcoming English speaking meetings:

Click here for a list including German speaking events.

Technology and startup scouting - A mindset game: How to spot the invisible

Online Session
8 June 2020, 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

With Dirk Ploss, Digital Technologies Scouting And Advisory, Beiersdorf

Digital Managers Switzerland

9 June 2020, 9.00 am – 3.30 pm
Bayer Consumer Care AG, Basel, Switzerland

Intranet Demo: "Welcome to The Kitchen: Just Eat's intranet"

Online Session
26 June 2020, 1.00 pm – 1.00 pm

Intranet case study by Mark Tittle

Social Media Experts: Signify video campaign case study by Clive Roach

Online Session
2 July 2020, 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

Clive presents a recent social media campaign at Signify: A video campaign to support the launch of two products that became the best performing social media campaign in the company worldwide after only 2.5 days of going live, and it was 95% organic.

Myth vs. truth: What information can be gained from plain data.

Online Session
3 July 2020, 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm

With a guest talk by Werner Ulbts

Digital Comms Benelux

24 September 2020, 9.00 am – 3.30 pm
Corporate Diplomat, Brussels, Belgium

Digital Leadership Forum 2020

5 October 2020, 12.00 pm – 7.00 pm
Haus der Ingenieure, Vienna, Austria

Advatera's yearly conference for digital, marketing and communication managers.

Digital Internal Comms, Social Intranet, Digital Workplace Netherlands

27 October 2020, 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Rabobank, Utrecht, Netherlands

European Social Intranet / Digital Workplace Group

2 December 2020, 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Swarovski, Wattens, Austria

Including a get-together the evening before.

The groups meet always at one of the participating organizations. This gives you a feeling of the daily routines and work life of your peers. Take advantage of the experience from peers in our network. We support you in shaping your digital strategy, benchmarking with other organizations or creating a governance model.

Would you like to join the network?