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Empowering you through knowledge sharing.

Digital Communications Belgium

UnternehmenskommunikationCommunity of practice for communication managers and digital managers from Belgium and the whole of Benelux.

The group covers all aspects of corporate and digital communication. The focus is on topics of internal and external communication. Digital is of course a topic in this group, but communication topics outside the digital channels are also discussed.

The meetings are exclusively for communication managers of national and international companies and organisations. Agencies, vendors and consultants are not allowed to participate. This gurantees an open exchange of experience without any hidden agendas.

The challenges you face in your projects have certainly been experienced by others in a similar way. Sharing experiences helps to solve those challenges and saves costs.

Typical job roles of the participants

  • Head of Corporate Communications
  • Communication Manager
  • Head of digital communication
  • Head of internal communication

Which topics are covered?

  • Case studies from internal and external communication
  • Exchange of experience on current projects
  • Strategy Corporate Communications
  • Coordination of external communication vs. internal communication vs. marketing
  • Experience of external partners
  • change communications
  • Design of the corporate website
  • Content concept Corporate Website
  • Organizational structure Corporate Communications
  • Automation in communication
  • Voice Search, Conversational User Interfaces
  • Digitization of communication
  • Used tools and systems
  • Experience with distributors

Organisation of the meetings

The expert group meetings take place at one of the participating organisations. Advatera organizes and moderates the meetings.

Next community of practice meetings

  • Next meeting currently being organized.

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