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Empowering you through knowledge sharing.

European Social Intranet & Digital Workplace Group

Expert group for experienced managers from international organisations The European Intranet Expert Group meets 3 times a year throughout Europe. The group accompanies the regional groups and has the aim to offer the members also a supra-regional exchange. Recent meetings have been at Airbus in Toulouse, Schneider Electric in Bucharest and Philips in Amsterdam. Many participants of our regional groups use the European group as an additional offer for an international exchange. This allows you to reduce travel costs and still participate in the international network. The meetings are exclusively for practitioners and completely free of advertising. Providers, agencies and consultants are not allowed to participate.

The European Expert Group for Digital Internal Communication and Employee Experience

UnternehmenskommunikationManagers of internal communications of complex companies and organizations and employees in similar roles who deal with internal communications on a daily basis.
  • Head of internal communication
  • Manager internal communication
  • Head of Digital Workplace
  • Head of Employee Experience
  • Intranet Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • Manager digital workplace
  • Employee Engagement Manager
  • Digital Manager


  • Employee Experience
  • Digital workplace case studies
  • Strategy internal communication
  • Digitization of internal communication
  • Role model as manager of internal communication
  • Social intranet
  • Intranet adoption
  • Project experiences and examples
  • Employee magazines
  • Communication channels of internal communication
  • Cooperation with within the project team (IT, business) and agency
  • Experiences with agencies
  • Content strategy
  • Video production
  • Content production
  • Ideas and future vision for internal communication
  • Motivation of employees
The meetings are interactive. In addition to guest lectures, there are workshops and open discussions. Plenty of space to bring your own challenges into the group and discuss them. Due to the regularity of the meetings, topics can be developed and discussed even over several meetings. Of course, the agenda is always designed in such a way that new participants can easily join the group.

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