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The Collar doesn’t matter!

How NETZSCH reaches Blue Collar and White Collar workers at the same time. Internal communication throughout a global intranet.

Play to Win: Driving engagement virtually

During a time of significant transformation for the organization, in 2022 and 2023 Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty hosted two global virtual employee events using a unique online portal, and driven by a bottom up approach to content creation. Find out more about the planning, preparation and learnings, plus the ups and downs of these […]

Inclusion at Work and the Role of Managers

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at work goes beyond mere representation. It requires organizations to cultivate an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives. Communicators, armed with their skills in messaging, storytelling, and engagement can (should) play a crucial role in championing inclusivity within the workplace.

Stand-Up & Share

Join us for our interactive “Stand-Up & Share” session, where innovation, ideas, and insights stand in the spotlight! This unique conference feature is a platform for all attendees who want to demonstrate a new tool, showcase a project, or share a creative solution with their peers. So, if you’re keen to share your knowledge, skills, […]

How to escape the company strategy

Solving riddles together and completing a mission, in this case, finding a way out of a room – is the starting point of every escape room. Baloise took this idea, packed it into a suitcase, and is now using it for strategic communication in the most practical way.

Inspiration or education? Striking the balance in company onboarding

The importance of an engaging onboarding experience for employees will be discussed in this talk. Through stories from the development of a new onboarding journey at FREENOW, Luke will share how the team balanced sparking excitement with conveying key information – plus learnings to make an onboarding sessions more human-centric.