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Empowering you through knowledge sharing.

Julie Bertolus


Versatile business strategy executive with multiple years of international experience in a range of industries from financial services to tourism.

Meet Julie at the following events:

Digital Leadership, Innovation & Marketing Managers Geneva

English speaking
25 June 2024, 9.30 am - 4.00 pm (Amsterdam/Berlin/Vienna/Zurich)
IRU - International Road Transport Union, Geneva, Switzerland

Join our knowledge-sharing group meeting for experienced managers in Digital Managers from Geneva and surrounding regions of Switzerland and France.

  • Marketing Automation at IRU, Christoph Richard
  • Insights into further IRU Digital Projects
  • The transition from print to digital annual report
    • This presentation will explore the digital transformation of CERN’s 2023 Knowledge Transfer Annual Report, transitioning from a traditional print format to an online platform. This change is in alignment with CERN’s commitment to reducing unnecessary printing. The adoption of this new digital format allows for more effective engagement with the audience, facilitating the sharing of the latest developments and expertise in a manner that is both engaging and responsible.
    • Marzena Lapka, CERN
  • Current developments in generative AI, this time we will especially discuss differences between closed models like ChatGPT and more open models like LLaMA and implications for future AI strategies
  • Lots of time for open discussions
  • Bring your challenge along!
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Internal Comms & Digital Workplace Geneva

English speaking
27 June 2024, 9.30 am - 4.00 pm (Amsterdam/Berlin/Vienna/Zurich)
Global Health Campus Geneve, GAVI, Geneva, Switzerland

Join a knowledge-sharing meeting tailored for managers of internal communications and digital workplaces. Key discussion topics will include:

  • Intranet journey of GAVI: where they were, to where they are and where they want to go. Rachel Dupont-Yeganeh, Digital Communications Manager – GAVI.
  • Intranet Demo (AKF Connect) and how it is connected to the Learning Hub platform (akflearninghub.org), which is externally facing but has a private staff-only area too. Ana Barfield, Global Practice Lead – Aga Khan Foundation.
  • Enhancing the impact of internal communications through measurement and analysis.
  • Overcoming Management Resistance: Empowering Internal Comms Teams.
  • Optimizing its Intranet User Friendliness.
  • Addressing resistance to new technologies.

As usual, the meeting is a completely advertisement-free zone, with no agencies or vendors involved.

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