Digital Leadership Forum 2020

Exklusives Forum für Digitalverantwortliche, Marketing- und Kommunikationsmanager am 5.+6. Oktober 2020 in Wien. Praxisnahe, werbefreie Agenda. Teilnehmer u.a. von Stiegl, FIFA, Telecom Italia, Suntory, …

5. Oktober, ab 12 Uhr: Workshops
6. Oktober, ganztags: Konferenz

Schweppes Suntory Benelux 
Internal Communications & Employer Branding

Discriminations and internal communications within companies in 2020.

My presentation will deal with the links between a company, its people and their internal communications: To what extend should Internal Communications adapt to the people experiences and commitment within the company? How does Digital enable the sharing of multiculturalism? In what way Communications must include new challenges in the fight against discriminations?

Marina Perez, Suntory, Digital Conference Vienna

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