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Digital Communications Benelux

08. Juni 2022, 9:30 – 16:00
Solvay, Brussels, Belgium
Séverine Degée
Chargée de communication interne, Caritas international
Anne-Sophie Noël
Corporate & Internal Communication Manager, Partena Professional
Maaike Van Hoecke
Internal Communications, Stad Brugge
  • “Corporate & Business Coms: synergies and specificities”, Solvay
  • “Creation of a new internal communication channel in a context of organizational transformation and Covid-19 crisis.” For any communicator, the Covid-19 crisis has led to a deep reflection on how to communicate. One of the challenges of internal communication has always been how to support and strengthen the connection between the employee to the organization (strategy & people). In my company,Partena Professional, the Covid-19 crisis will be coupled with a profound transformation of the organisation from the pyramid organisational model to collaborative governance. In a period of crisis and transformation, internal communication will have a key role to play in keeping everyone on board, giving meaning to the transformation, and maintaining the social link despite the physical distance. It is in this context that we have created a corporate radio and television station unlike any other, Anne-Sophie Noël, Partena Professional
  • “Corporate journalism as a strategy to create internal engagement and connection.”, Maaike Van Hoecke, Stad Brugge
  • “Digital Happy Hours and Secret Santa and which tools we used to make them happen.”, Séverine Degée, Caritas International
  • Open discussions and networking

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