Digital Leadership Forum 2019

13. Mai 2019, 12:00 – 19:00
Novomatic Forum, Vienna,
Andreas Galatoulas
Head of Data Science, AXA
Andrew Donoghue
Director Influencer Marketing, Vertiv Co
Andy Hall
Global Intranet Manager, ERM: Environmental Resources Management
Arosha Brouwer
CEO & Co-Founder, Quan
David Drodge
Group Lead Digital Planning, Roche
Erik Hartman
Moderator, Advatera

Advatera’s yearly conference for digital, marketing and communication managers.

  • Afternoon opening thoughts by Volker Grünauer
  • AI in Media, Big Data and Machine Learning.
  • B2B Influencer Marketing at Vertiv Co
  • Bonprix Intranet Case Study & CEO Videos
  • Break & networking
  • Break & networking
  • Deutsche Bank Case: Why redesign an Intranet?

    Why redesign an Intranet? Intranet redesign and more importantly what drove it, how measurement was used and why it was considered necessary

  • Digital Leadership - thoughts by conference chair Volker Grünauer
  • Digital Strategy - No Digital without Data – Why classic APIs are key to successful in digital transformation
  • Digital Workplace Case Study
  • Enhancing the employee experience with and via technology
  • Don’t bore the board - How we use data to help the board make the right decisions

    With constant rapid change in technology, machine learning and AI, boards find themselves in a difficult position: making decisions about technologies they don’t understand while having to be aware of the risks, to cope with regulatory challenges. This presentation will try to tackle how we use data to help the board make the right decisions.

  • Case Study: Employee Experience Strategy

    How stories and our organizational values help to engage our employees. I will share with you how we engaged our people (and customers) in refreshing our values and how our internal communications strategy continuously evolves to improve the employee experience. Join me for some hints, tips and a little bit of positive psychology to get us thinking about how we can successfully communicate with and engage our employees.

  • Employer Branding at Zalando
  • Keynote: Focus in the Age of Distraction

    The world of work has changed rapidly over the last 20 years, but despite this, our way of working hasn’t kept up. With the increasing use of technology, we’re working longer and harder than ever before and finding it harder to concentrate on one task at a time. The time people spend at work is less productive and it’s impacting on their wellbeing with increased stress and burnout. Jane Piper will cover how you can as a team leader develop a culture and leadership that allows your people to focus and perform at their best.

  • Get together Networking, wine and good food

    Get-together at the rooftop terrace (pls. bring along a jacket) of Novomatic Forum. You can win several prices, so don't miss at least the first few minutes of the get-together!

  • Get-Together with food and drinks at the Glacis Beisl

    Get-Together at Glacis Beisl, Breite Gasse 4, 1070 Wien (nearby Museumsquartier). Please ask for a walking map at our welcome desk. Google maps.

  • Guided tour of Secession

    We meet right in front of the Secession, the building with the golden roof opposite the Novomatic Forum. The guided tour will start at 4.45pm. Please be on time, as the Museum exclusively opens for us at this time.

  • How gamification can help strategic change communication
  • Keynote: How to A.C.E. new ideas!

    The biggest hotel chain in the world owns no rooms. Polls completely miscalculated the results of Brexit or Trump’s rise to the oval office while #MeToo has toppled heads of industry with social media. Digital enfranchises “new power”. Like previous centuries, its not until we are well into the next 100 year before we realize the real causes of change and how we can harness it. We need to make our ideas actionable, connected, and extensible to work in this new century.

  • Lunch & Learn & Networking
  • Lunch & networking - Discuss your current digital challenges with peers from whole Europe.
  • Management and implementation of E.ON's global digital strategy
  • Moderated Roundtable Discussions

    You will receive a list of the topics at the reception. Please select a topic and join the respective roundtable. Breakfast will be served throughout the session.

  • Panel discussion

    Topics inlcude: how to trigger organizational change; cultural and competitive advantage that comes from effective communication; rise of AI (artificial intelligence); Influencer Marketing – is it worth it?;

  • Real-life case study: Artificial intelligence in the aviation industry - challenges and opportunities

    Our series of real-life case studies is intended to show projects in which new technologies are successfully applied in a hype-free manner.

    Patrice is going to show in his talk the many different applications of Artificial Intelligence, how he utilises machine learning at Searidge Technologies (aviation industry, remote tower & digital airport solutions) and what difficulties and challenges still have to be solved.

    Also, Patrice is addressing the technologies used to achieve results.

  • Registration and sandwich lunch
  • Shaping digital change. The Difficult Change from One-Way Communication to Real Social Networking in a Bank.
  • Influencermarketing at Coca-Cola
  • Townhall session - summarizing the conference

    What did we learn today? A fun session which summarizes the learning’s of today.

  • Workshop Digital Transformation - Reworking Work

    Arosha Brouwer and Loeke Ruijter will conduct a Digital Transformation Workshop about reworking work. They focus on both incremental and disruptive innovation, new business models and what needs to change in the modus operandi of large corporations.

    Their research and work is concentrated on developing new work practices which lead to higher people engagement, productivity and overall performance.

  • Workshop: Audience Targeting Capabilities and Digital Decisioning

    Leverage data and technology to be more relevant and targeted.

  • Workshop Room C: Migrating aging intranets

    We completed the migration of our ageing intranet from on premise to the cloud and have also in the past year seen exponential growth in usage through new community initiatives around our consultants technical areas of expertise. Both of these are the first building blocks as we look to embed a Digital Employee Experience strategy this year to allow our staff to stay on top of local, regional and corporate information through awareness and best practice usage of communication tools.