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Digital Leadership Forum 2024

16. September 2024, 12:00 – 19:00
Haus der Ingenieure, Wien, Austria
Alejandro Varsky
Director of Communications, FIFPRO
Antonina Shelepova
Global Communications manager Global Supply Chain, Europe, Schneider Electriс
Bipasha Bhattacharya
Director Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific and Germany, CNN International
Darren Hill
Digital Communications and Marketing Manager, Petrofac
Eric Servant
CX Programs Manager, Shutterstock
Erik Hartman
Moderator, Advatera

Our 11th edition of the Digital Leadership Forum.

  • Afternoon opening thoughts by Volker Grünauer
  • Break & Networking
  • Break & Networking
  • Digital Leadership – thoughts by conference chair Volker Grünauer
  • Dinner with a view

    Enjoy the evening with a stunning view over Vienna at the Justiz Cafe located on the rooftop of the landmark Justizpalast.

  • Future of hybrid work
  • Get-together, Networking, Wine and Good Food
  • Good Morning & Check-In
  • Guided Tour - Viennese Flair
  • How Beiersdorf uses Employee Advocacy to Strengthen Employer Brand Reputation and Enhance Corporate Awareness
  • How FIFPRO has reduced its digital footprint
  • How Your Customer Feedback Strategy Can Also Boost Employee Engagement

    Strategically collecting and sharing customer feedback within your organization can also give employees a sense of accountability and inclusion. We'll discuss how combining customer feedback with internal data to tell a compelling story tailored to internal stakeholders can move your teams to act.

  • Intranet Demo

    Mark will give us exclusive insights into his organization´s intranet (LumApps).

  • Keynote
  • Keynote
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Moderated Roundtable Discussion
  • Monolith to Headless CMS: A Web Transformation Journey
  • My Medicine TV: a Collaboration with National TV

    "Moje medicína TV" (My Medicine TV) is a series of studio interviews prepared by Roche in collaboration with the national television station A11. Each week, they delve into various healthcare topics, offering 20-minute interviews with experts in the field.

  • Overcoming Communication Barriers: Strategies for navigating cultural, language, and generational differences in communication
  • Purpose-driven Storytelling – Sharing key learnings and insights for impactful communication
  • Registration and Welcome
  • The Art of Using Human Stories and Video Storytelling Techniques
  • The Golden Rules for Engaging Blue-Collar Employees
  • Townhall - Summarizing the Conference
  • Welcome by Volker Grünauer, conference chair
  • Workshop: A Leadership Journey
  • Workshop: Digital Divide in the Workplace: The Hidden Costs of a Disconnected Workforce
  • Workshop: Navigating the AI Revolution

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