Vor-Ort Treffen in Zürich English speaking

Digital Managers Switzerland

30. November 2022, 9:30 – 16:00
Angst+Pfister, Zürich, Switzerland
Alessandra De Bernardi
Head Of Marketing Communications, Angst+Pfister
Jannis Koasidis
Global Digital Operations Director, Galderma
Serge Tumelero
Marketing Manager, Roto Frank / Dachsystem-Technologie
Stauffer Linda Stauffer
Digital Marketing Manager, GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Knowledge sharing group for digital and marketing managers from Switzerland

Topics include:

  • «Content is King, Context is Queen», Marketing Manager, Serge Tumelero, Roto Frank
  • Content & Commerce in B2B: is integration really possible?
    Digital transformation insights at Angst+Pfister, Alessandra De Bernardi
  • SEO Websiteprüfung, Linda Stauffer, Digital Marketing Manager, GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (Forschungsinstitut)
  • Digital Leadership: Streamlining agency ecosystems, Jannis Koasidis, Galderma (Pharma)
    • Working in a large and/or multinational company means collaborating with agency partners across multiple areas: strategy and creative, media, websites & technology, social, SEO and more. This may mean tens or hundreds (!) of agencies worldwide working on global and local digital scopes. How to best navigate this ecosystem and ensure it’s streamlined and effective? Based on my experience at Galderma, Bayer, and also global and local agencies, I will share best practices on how to design this ecosystem, ensure the right partners and manage them in a way that results in great work at an acceptable cost.
  • From Conversational Commerce to Zero-Party Data: What 2023 means for digital transformation and marketing.
  • Workshop: Gaining better credibility and increasing customer loyalty
  • As always: lots of time for open discussions
  • As always: open discussions to discuss your current challenges in a trusted and confidential atmosphere with colleagues in similar job roles from other organizations and industries. Fully sales-free, with no agencies and no consultants.

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