Vor-Ort Treffen English speaking

European Digital Workplace Group at Airbus in Toulouse

26. April 2017, 9:00 – 16:00

Meeting of our European knowledge sharing group on Digital Workplace and Social Intranet.

  • Intranet demos from participating organizations (this time Airbus, Thermo Fisher)
  • Discussion: Changing culture means changing behaviors
    • Corporate culture is such a huge thing, that it is not easy to work on it. You can’t simply “change the culture”. Changing behaviors is the way to go. Change the behaviors in small, controlable steps, and it will lead to a new culture.
  • Discussing challenges from the group. One topic will be: Adopting an intranet in a very decentralized organization as a central platform to share global and country specific documents and information with broader groups (reports, supplier info, travel plans,..).
  • Open knowledge sharing around digital internal communication projects like social intranets, digital employee magazines, …
  • Group members include organizations like Airbus, Andritz, Wacker, Semperit, OMV …
  • For those who are already in town the evening before, we will organize an dinner including some informal knowledge sharing
  • The meeting is in English

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