Vor-Ort Treffen in London English speaking

Social Intranet, Digital Workplace, Employee Experience and Internal Comms London

28. Juni 2023, 9:30 – 16:00
Decathlon, London, United Kingdom
Carlota Cerdá
Business community manager and moderator, Advatera
Caroline Rheubottom
Senior Manager Internal Communications, Intuit
Emily Foster
Senior Internal Change Communications Officer, St Mungo's
Funmi Williams
Distribution Director, Strategy & PlanningDistribution, HSBC
Maria Ferrer
Internal Communication Leader, Decathlon UK
Marie Gonzalez
Moderator, Advatera

Knowledge sharing group meeting for experienced managers of internal communications from London and surrounding regions.

Topics include:

  • Teammate’s engagement through Sport
    • Insights into the RED January intitiave & best internal comms practice
    • Maria Ferrer, Internal Communication Leader, Decathlon UK
  • Digital transformation: promising it’s worth the pain
    • Years of failing IT systems have pushed our colleagues’ resilience to its limits. But how do we gain buy-in for transformation when it means things will get harder before they get easier?
    • Emily Foster, Senior Internal Change Communications Officer, St. Mungos
  • How to be an effective Communications Business partner in an ever-changing corporate landscape
    • A short exploration of a decade of in-house communications across numerous industries including Consultancy, Real estate, Tech and Banking; with a focus on the steady movement from volume/drumbeat communications in the early 2010s towards impact and insight-led communications landscape of the 2020s
    • Funmy Williams, Distribution Director, Strategy & Planning, HSBC
  • Increased use of AI and Automation in Internal Communications
    • This discussion explores the advantages of using AI technology for internal communications. AI technology like Chatbots and natural language processing will continue to play a larger role in streamlining internal communications processes. We’ll examine the capabilities and limitations of tools like ChatGPT and discuss implementation best practices. Additionally, we’ll address data privacy and security concerns.
  • Lots of time for open discussions, including
    • How we can increase the watch-rate of our weekly videos?
    • Which Internal Comms KPIs are you using?
    • Bring your challenge along…

The meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. local time and is held at the Decathlon office in London.

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