Online Session English speaking

Digital Workplace, Hybrid Work, Digital Employee Experience – Group Meeting – Chatbots at Unilever – Realigning the Intranet

10. Februar 2022, 13:00 – 15:00
Alex Claes
Corporate Intranet Manager, Atlas Copco
Varun Nagalia
Global Director - HR Systems & Employee Experience Applications, Unilever
  • 20 min: Welcome and roundtable discussion
    • An interactive session where you meet, share and connect with other Advetera members.
  • 30 min: Chatbots and Employee Experience Apps at Unilever – Digital Employee Experience, Varun Nagalia, Global Director – HR Systems & Employee Experience Applications at Unilever.
  • 30 min: Realigning the Intranet to create more engagement and include blue collar workers, Alex Clases, Corporate Intranet Manager at Atlas Copco
  • 30 min: Open space discussion
    • Establishing a new work culture – after Corona, we don’t want to return to the previous state, but to maintain and further develop digital achievements.
    • Bring your current challenge to the table.
  • 10 min: Learnings and next meeting

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