Vor-Ort Treffen in Amersfoort English speaking

Digital Comms, Digital Workplace, Internal Comms Benelux

18. Oktober 2022, 9:30 – 16:00
Oikocredit, Amersfoort, Netherlands
Arlette Bax
Internal Communications Manager, Stahl
Subah Sanan
Internal Communication Business Partner, Oikocredit

Expert group for experienced internal communication managers, digital managers, employee experience experts, and digital managers from Benelux

  • The Intranet Journey at Oikocredit, Subah Sanan, Internal Communication Business Partner at Oikocredit
  • Engaging employees across a multinational manufacturing company, Arlette Bax, Stahl
    • Stahl is a specialty coatings company that has over 1,800 employees spread across 34 offices and 11 manufacturing sites in 22 different countries. This presentation will discuss our communications and employee engagement challenges, what we are doing today and what we hope to accomplish in the future.
  • Further digital workplace case studies from group members
  • Microsoft Viva Connect, what to expect from future Sharepoint intranets
  • Discussions on the content component of the intranet
    • How is nice-to-know differentiated from need-to-know information?
    • Are there strategies to avoid information overkill?
    • How is content prioritized in other large companies?
    • Is information offered on a fetch principle, or is everything pushed?
  • Open discussion
  • Bring your current challenges along
  • Networking

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