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Advatera. Netzwerk für Kommunikations-, Marketing- und Digitalverantwortliche.

Netzwerk für Kommunikations-, Marketing- und Digitalverantwortliche.

Anton Nebbe

Close Brothers 
Internal Communications Manager

Anton has written the book ‘communicator’s guide to effective project planning’.

Anton has over 15 years’ communications experience and worked for some of the world’s largest and high-profile blue chip organisations. Originally from South Africa, Anton started his working life as a journalist specialising in crime and politics in the mid-90s before moving to the UK in early 1999. After a short career in trade journalism in London, he made the jump to internal communications.

Anton specialises in change & programme communications and establishing communications frameworks from the ground up. He lives in Faversham, England, with his wife, son and two dogs, and he is a former boxer – Anton owns and runs a boxing gym in his spare time.

Anton Nebbe is author of the book, “The Communicator’s guide to effective project planning.