Digital Leadership Forum 2020

Exklusives Forum für Digitalverantwortliche, am 16.+17. März 2020 in Wien. Praxisnahe, werbefreie Agenda. Teilnehmer in den Vorjahren u.a. von European Central Bank, Helvetia, IKEA, OMV, Raiffeisen, Swisscom, Thermo Fisher, vodafone...

Arosha BrouwerArosha Brouwer (Netherlands)

Change agent, Knack

Arosha is an independent expert who focuses on both incremental and disruptive innovation, new business models and what needs to change in the modus operandi of large corporations. She is in a constant state of learning and looking for ways to drive change in complex organisations. Having both consulting and industry experience, Arosha takes a practical and hands-on approach to the strategy, design and development of digital solutions. She has advised and led local and global projects across private (telecommunications, banking, network marketing, logistics, leasing, mining, chemicals and professional services) and public (government and non-profit) sectors.

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