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Claudio Corvaglia

Georg Fischer 
Social Media Manager

With passion and focus, he likes to simplify messages and craft new formats that suit the target audiences.
He believes that “What happens on Instagram stays on Instagram”, the IG-only content is not only about making this channel special, it’s about making our social media portfolio richer.

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Social Media & Digital Managers Switzerland

English speaking
14. März 2024, 9:30 - 16:00 (Amsterdam/Berlin/Vienna/Zurich)
Georg Fischer AG, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Knowledge sharing group meeting for experienced social media and digital marketing managers from Switzerland.

  • Insights into GF social media projects
  • The journey of Sustainable Switzerland's social media accounts started nearly a year ago: The focus on the talk will be on the reasons and strategies behind choosing specific platforms to reach their target group, along with the learnings and challenges encountered. Additionally, the talk will cover the transformation of B2B content into B2C content and efforts to engage the B2B community.
    • Viktoria Stauffenegger, NZZ
  • Lots of time for open discussions around your current challenges, including
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation
    • E-commerce Trends (e.g., Social Commerce)
    • Content Marketing (Storytelling, Video, Podcasts)
    • Influencer Marketing (Selection, ROI, Ethics)
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