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Nathalie Zulauf

Bystronic Group 
Corporate Communications Manager

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Internal & External Communications, Digital Workplace Switzerland

English speaking
28. Juni 2023, 15:30 - 16:00 (Amsterdam/Berlin/Vienna/Zurich)
Bystronic, Niederönz, Switzerland

Experience exchange on corporate communications, internal communication and digital workplace.

Topics include

  • Insight into communication at Bystronic and their corporate comms strategy, by Nathalie Zulauf
  • Insights into the Bystronic intranet
  • HR-Comms: Positioning as a great place to work – finding talent through communication. Christopher Ruehl, Syngenta
  • Best-practice examples for successful digital communications
  • Strategies to improve internal and external communications
  • Generative AI
    • How LLMs (large language models) really work and why they sometimes give good sounding but still wrong results.
    • Midjourney and Adobe Firefly for image production – try it out, we will have test accounts at the meeting so everyone can try
  • Strengthening employee involvement and feedback mechanisms
  • Adapting to hybrid work environments and mobile working
  • Measuring success and analyzing comms initiatives
  • As always: plenty of time for open discussions

Based on the registration of English-speaking participants and colleagues from Geneva, the meeting may be in English. For collaborative activities and open conversations, we will ensure the availability of German breakout groups as well!

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