Sounding like a human on social media – BBC Radio 4 Case Study

Guest article by Debbie Sheringham, Digital Impact Producer at BBC and Founder of Straight Talking Social Media If your business has a social media account, I’ve got some bad news for you – it doesn’t belong there. Social media has been conceived, designed and built for humans to interact with other humans – not for […]

Why Digital Projects Go Wrong – Top 3 Obstacles in Project Management

Image source: stutterstock / PathDoc

We often embrace new projects with great enthusiasm in the beginning. But who hasn’t experienced a project going wrong despite ample dedication and high motivation? Or at least, obstacles arise that lead to project delays, additional costs, and a drop in motivation. Here are my top 3 problems in project management which should be avoided: […]

Whitepaper: Creation of an intranet concept

Intranet concept

Communication and the transfer of knowledge are the essential foundations for your company’s success and are ever gaining in importance. Nowadays most company’s use an intranet as an internal communication portal for and with employees. After a number of years it is, however, often time to rethink the existing intranet and to develop a new […]