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Empowering you through knowledge sharing.

Whitepaper: Creation of an intranet concept

Communication and the transfer of knowledge are the essential foundations for your company’s success and are ever gaining in importance. Nowadays most company’s use an intranet as an internal communication portal for and with employees. After a number of years it is, however, often time to rethink the existing intranet and to develop a new concept. This guide provides a small aid and aims to outline a process model.

As a modern employee portal, the intranet has three core application areas:  

  1. Firstly it is a medium for an editorially overseen internal communication.
  2. Secondly it serves as a working medium to support teamwork across departmental or international boundaries.
  3. Moreover, it encourages global interaction and networking between employees as a social medium.

The course of an intranet project begins with the creation of an intranet concept.  Before the actual implementation can begin, requirements must be set, strategies developed and tasks as well as responsibilities must be allocated.

Advatera wrote a whitepaper that provides a brief overview of the content and functions of an intranet concept.

How does your intranet concept paper look like?


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