Digital Leadership Forum Online Edition 2021

Two days of inspiring online sessions, workshops and discussions on digital transformation, the future of work, digital equality, social media and leadership. With the seventh edition of the entertaining Town-Hall Session and virtual sozialising.

15th March: online workshops and talks, afternoon percussion session
16th March: online workshops and talks, afternoon townhall session

Online conference on Digital Leadership

The whole conference is in English

The Digital Leadership Forum brings together digital, marketing and communication managers from large and mid-size organizations. Like the events of previous years, the 2021 online edition will be an inspiring event with a great selection of guest speakers sharing their thoughts and practical case studies. Speakers are practitioneers from organizations including Abbott, Allianz, BASF, Boehringer Ingelheim, Orange, Saipem, Telefonica and many more.

Your best event experience:

  • Your Monday starts with a creative workshop, in the very classical way with paper and pencil. No dry opening speech but direct into the topic of digital transformation, we promise! Yes, with paper and pencil.
  • 15 inspiring online talks and discussions. Simply select the three to five sessions that match your current challenges best. Of course you and your team are welcome to attend more sessions too.
  • Do not miss the Percussion and Town Hall sessions Monday and Tuesday afternoon, in which the key lessons are humorously summarized and socializing takes place. 
  • Our business matchmaking service: If you wish, our team will bring you in touch with colleagues with similar challenges during the two days.

In this way, you will experience two days full of compact knowledge sharing, get to know interesting colleagues and still be able to fullfill your daily duties.

“Reflecting back on the fantastic event I attended this week in Vienna. Advatera hosted its annual Digital Leadership Conference and I was thrilled to be invited along. I’m so pleased I went. I have come away hugely inspired by the knowledge and teachings shared. The format was excellent and energy never dropped.”
– Cathrin Lewis

Learn from real-life examples, discuss how to convince your management of digital projects and bring your own expertise to the table in open discussions. Sharing experiences helps to save costs and generates new ideas for your projects.

  • Completely advertising-free talks (no sponsored talks, no ticket sales to consultants and agencies with the exception of the few selected sponsors, without whom the premises could not be financed)
  • Practice-oriented
  • Boutique conference: Small and exclusive setting
  • This year as virtual edition

Topics and agenda

  • Engaging case studies around digital B2B and B2C projects
  • Practical experiences around digital transformation and change management in organizations
  • Customer journey as the basis for digital projects
  • Marketing automation and lead management on websites
  • Project management for digital initiatives
  • Equality, digital rights and digital inclusion
  • Marketing with AI, psychographic profiles and automation
  • Digital innovation process – how your business changes, not just your communication
  • Digital internal communications and engagement strategies for employees and management
  • Mobile business
  • Video production for internal and external audiences
  • Voice search and conversational AI
  • Stakeholder management in digital projects
  • Content strategy
  • Digital trends

The Digital Leadership Forum is a digital conference for practitioners: tickets are reserved exclusively for practitioners.


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Speakers 2021

Virtual social gatherings

Monday, after the workshops, there will be a virtual cabaret program by comedian Samantha Hannah.

Tuesday, Erik Hartman will summarize the conference content in our well-known Townhall Session.

Image: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek/Hloch

Who Takes Part?

  • Digital managers; people who are responsible for digital initiatives in their organizations; communication managers; marketing managers; IT managers who drive digital projects from a business point of view.
  • Typical job titles: Head of Online Communications, Head of Marketing, Head of Digital, digital manager, Digital Manager, Head of Social Media, Social Media Manager, Marketing Manager, Lead Digital, …
  • Tickets are just available for practitioneers. Beside four selected sponsors vendors, agencies and consultants are not allowed to take part. The whole agenda is driven by practitioners. No vendor talks allowed.
  • Participants include managers from HP Inc., Brussels Airlines, SRG SSR, John Lewis, Beiersdorf, Hilti, Takeda, Novartis and many more.

I had a ticket for the physical Digital Leadership Forum in March in Vienna. What happens with it?

Holders of conference tickets for the physical conference in Vienna, originally scheduled for March 2020, can participate free of charge in the online sessions on 5 and 6 October 2020 and will also receive access to the recording. You do not have to do anything, the link for the sessions will be sent to you automatically. In addition, the ticket remains valid for the next physical Digital Leadership Forum in Vienna, which will take place after the Covid-19 situation has eased.

The health of you, the participants and speakers, as well as our team has the highest priority for us. At the moment it looks like an event of this size would be allowed to take place in Austria in October, but the rules are still unclear and tighter rules have just been announced, especially regarding freedom of travel and compulsory use of masks. 

70% of our participants and speakers would have to travel from abroad, among others from Great Britain, USA, Singapore, Spain and Peru. It is unlikely that unrestricted travel will be possible in October. Participants from Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands have also informed us that their companies do not yet allow business trips in October.

Yes, from September onwards our local expert groups in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and UK are planned to take place. However, these are on a much smaller scale with – depending on the room – a maximum of about 20 participants and, above all, only regional travel involved. These group meetings can be arranged much more flexibly and can also be adapted on short-term. Hygienic measures can also be implemented more easily on this scale.

Online conferences offer a different experience than physical events. The focus is more condensed on content and less on networking and social aspects. We are aware of this and therefore we do not simply copy the agenda of the classic conference. 

For online events, it makes a lot of sense for participants to choose content selectively. Nobody can easily follow online lectures for eight hours in a row. Our tip is: 

  • Participate in the creative workshop on Monday at the beginning
  • Select three to five sessions to participate throughout the two days (of course we are happy if you join more; you might also invite your colleagues to join different sessions)
  • And do not miss the Comedy and Town Hall sessions Monday and Tuesday afternoon, in which the key lessons are humorously summarized and socializing takes place. 

Furthermore, we offer individual networking and matchmaking with the support of our team. 

So the online conference experience will be much different from the physical conference. It is your personal preference whether you prefer online or physical events more. Both have their advantages, but it is clear that the experience differs. Therefore the ticket of the physical conference in March, which was postponed due to Covid-19, remains valid for the next physical conference in 2021 and you can participate in the online event in October free of charge too.

If you have any questions regarding your ticket, please contact us at info@advatera.com.

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