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Empowering you through knowledge sharing.

Artificial Intelligence & Business Transformation: Focus on Organization Change

AI (Artificial intelligence) is a wide umbrella encompassing a range of new technologies, from ML (Machine Learning), NLP (Natural Language Processing), IOT (Internet Of Things) and connected objects, to Robotics.

These new technologies all use data in a smart way. They have the potential to change our world. But, why should your company care?

There are so many exiting AI applications in business. To name a few:

  • With AI you can do mass personalization at scale, i.e. target advertising to specific customer profiles, offer personalized services to most qualified customers.
  • Dynamic pricing & pricing optimization: With machine learning, it is possible to optimize online pricing real time.
  • Offer new customer services to secure customer loyalty to your brand: Using IoT, and the customer data collected via IoT sensors embedded in products, it is possible to offer new customer services.

To benefit from these great applications, you need to go beyond just setting up AI projects. You need to have an AI strategy, and change your organization to truly enable business transformation using AI.

This is a long and complex process.

Like any large transformation, most companies fail in the process, due to change management issues.

In the upcoming Advatera online forum, on October 6th at noon, I will be giving you insights that will enable you to assess where your organization currently stands in that journey. From there, I will share with you what next steps you can put in place to move forward, closer to being a truly AI driven organization.

This is the result of extensive research, and validation with AI & digital professionals, of an AI maturity model that was built by a group of students from the MIT AI training program.

Looking forward to sharing those insights with you, and hearing about your specific challenges & opportunities to use AI.



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