Digital Leadership Forum 2017

Exklusives Forum für Digitalverantwortliche, am 15.+16. Mai 2017 in Wien. Praxisnahe, werbefreie Agenda. Teilnehmer u.a. von European Central Bank, Helvetia, IKEA, OMV, Raiffeisen, Swisscom, Thermo Fisher, vodafone...

Workshop Room A: Digital Transformation – Reworking Work

13. Mai 2019, 13:05 - 16:15
Loeke Ruijter
Arosha Brouwer

Arosha Brouwer and Loeke Ruijter will conduct a Digital Transformation Workshop about reworking work. They focus on both incremental and disruptive innovation, new business models and what needs to change in the modus operandi of large corporations.

Their research and work is concentrated on developing new work practices which lead to higher people engagement, productivity and overall performance.

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