Why Intranet and Enterprise Search is not like Google

Ellen van Aken recently wrote a blog post about why enterprise search is not like Google. You can read it here. Ellen came up with some very good reasons why internal search engines don’t match up with the expectations employees have. I want to add one very simple reason which I believe can be good […]

Intranet Acceptance and Management Buy-in

An intranet must provide advantages for employees and the company alike. Only by doing this will the intranet be able to position itself as an essential production factor within the company. The advantages of a well established intranet are obvious: Communications processes become more efficient Company-wide digital communication enables a synergy effect Access to internal […]

Whitepaper: Creation of an intranet concept

Intranet concept

Communication and the transfer of knowledge are the essential foundations for your company’s success and are ever gaining in importance. Nowadays most company’s use an intranet as an internal communication portal for and with employees. After a number of years it is, however, often time to rethink the existing intranet and to develop a new […]