Food for thought: Upholding a reputation of truth in corporate communications

Louis de Schorlemer, Advatera Expert Groups

Video interview with Louis de Schorlemer on trust and reputation in corporate communications. Traditional communications with stakeholders has seen dramatic changes in the sources and channels for information that people trust. Anybody can say anything regardless if it is true or not. But who holds the “truth”? More people trust search engines than human editors. […]

Recap Digital Leadership Forum – Conference 2016

Two constructive days with Advatera and digital managers from all parts of Europe On June 6th & 7th, 2016 digital managers from all over Europe met at the Digital Leadership Forum hosted by the expert network Advatera, as it has been our annually conference since 2013. It was another productive and successful event, where practicing […]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Is a Cloud Intranet Good for your Company?

Cloud computing

Cloud computing, if you’ll excuse the pun, has taken the world by storm in recent years. Even companies like Microsoft, who have traditionally sold software as discrete products, are now firmly on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud application wagon. The odds are that many employees are already using personal OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Apps or Office […]

Sounding like a human on social media – BBC Radio 4 Case Study

Guest article by Debbie Sheringham, Digital Impact Producer at BBC and Founder of Straight Talking Social Media If your business has a social media account, I’ve got some bad news for you – it doesn’t belong there. Social media has been conceived, designed and built for humans to interact with other humans – not for […]

Managing as Motivating – How Internal Communication Can Empower Your Team

Managing as Motivating – How Internal Communication Can Empower Your Team As a manager, it is much more important to motivate your team than to monitor every minute detail of your operative business. Selecting the right people and motivating them not only increases productivity, but innovative potential as well. Intrinsic motivation, which is driven by […]

The Customer Journey: Moving Beyond the Conversion Funnel

When analyzing consumer behavior, it’s not about filling a funnel. It’s about guiding the buyers through a journey, said Erik Hartman at this year’s Digital Leadership Forum in Vienna. Let’s take a closer look at the meaning behind his words and how we can improve our understanding of the buying process. Conversion funnels are an […]

Intranet Request for Proposal (RfP) – download template

Each RfP is unique, but the following guidelines should give you an idea of how to write a good RfP. In addition to these tips, we have prepared a sample RfP that you can easily download and customize to your needs. Avoid feature lists Instead of writing a list of features, it is better to […]

Accidental Innovation: Seeing Potential in the Unexpected

Digital communications are evolving at an unprecedented pace and reshaping the way we connect with and relate to one another. Behind this rapid change is continuous innovation ― but it doesn’t always come in the form we expect. One of the themes of this year’s Digital Leadership Forum in June will be “unexpected successes as […]

Why Digital Projects Go Wrong – Top 3 Obstacles in Project Management

Image source: stutterstock / PathDoc

We often embrace new projects with great enthusiasm in the beginning. But who hasn’t experienced a project going wrong despite ample dedication and high motivation? Or at least, obstacles arise that lead to project delays, additional costs, and a drop in motivation. Here are my top 3 problems in project management which should be avoided: […]

What it means to be a leader in an increasingly digitized world…

Gareth Main, Head of Online Merchandising at Guardian News & Media, will be this year’s keynote speaker at the Digital Leadership Forum 2015, which will be held June 8-9 in Vienna. Below, I asked him a few questions about what it means to be a leader in an increasingly digitized world: Our event where you […]

Why Intranet and Enterprise Search is not like Google

Ellen van Aken recently wrote a blog post about why enterprise search is not like Google. You can read it here. Ellen came up with some very good reasons why internal search engines don’t match up with the expectations employees have. I want to add one very simple reason which I believe can be good […]