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Empowering you through knowledge sharing.


Digital Leadership Forum 2020 - Virtual Edition

So wonderful that you participated in the virtual conference in October. Below you will find the recordings and further material. See you at one of our next online sessions!

Paper and Pen Workshop

Get your pencils ready for a stress free practical sketching workshop starting with easy-to-draw basic shapes – working flat to 3D – then progressing to draw people. After this warm up, we will use a combination of words and sketches to visually map thoughts or topics, getting them out of your head and onto the page. Sketching allows new ideas, processes, strategies or visions to appear, becoming clearer for yourself as well as communicated to others.

Materials to bring along

  • Paper
  • Pens, pencils,
  • Coloured markers / pencils
  • Post-its
  • Phone camera to document
Ilga Leimanis

Discussion: equality, digital rights and inclusion

In recent years, discussions about diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities have made it onto the agenda of almost every organization. Only by addressing the challenges comprehensively will we be able to bring about change. In this discussion, we will explore what we and our organizations can do not only to be part of the discussion, but to put concrete actions into practice.

Sana Afouaiz
Delphine Bradshaw-Nguyen
Adeboye Adegoke
Marina Perez

From Context to Content - Human Centred Design in Voice User Interface

How voice and conversational UI can help products and services improve accessibility and market penetration

Steven Chang

Social Selling & Lead generation

Gaël will present how to manage the content production process to ensure high-quality leads generation in B2B and B2C

Gaël Oizel

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Our kaizen-way of working in communications

How to increase the expertise of your team, its impact and added value in a measurable way? How to avoid being hijacked by the issues of the day? How to be more involved in strategy and less in supportive activities? Relevance, customer delight and continuously improved processes are key in our kaizen-inspired way of working at the Randstad Group (internal) communication team.

Marianne Huyghebaert

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Kaizen in Communications Kaizen in Communications Kaizen in Communications Kaizen in Communications Kaizen in Communications Kaizen in Communications

Digital Storytelling and Content Strategy: 3 Key Strategies Gleaned from the COVID Crisis & Beyond

Together, we will explore & discuss the impacts that COVID-19 & broader cultural unrest have had on the branded content and production ecosystems. While the effects have been substantial, we will focus on the best practices that have been identified to allow for premium, nimble & profitable custom content creation even in the midst of remarkable change.

Will Roth

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Novartis Digital Workplace: How to get 150,000 people on the same page, literally

Philip Martucci

Download (pdf)...

Discussion about the Future of Internal Comms & Digital Workplace

Paul Bennun
Caroline Rheubottom
Volker Grünauer
Dennis Agusi

Case study: Social media marketing at Uber

Social media has the power to move opinions and influence culture in a significant way. Brands have used social media to not just create ‘viral’ campaigns but also as a tool to influence positive change in society. Nikhil will show some practical examples from Uber social media campaigns. In the following discussion, we’ll look at how social media can be used to shape a better world.

Nikhil Kant

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The Future of Marketing: Customer Journey Mapping

Subhash Mishra

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Internal Comms: Improving engagement and enable across the business through a blend of global and local initiative

Mark will be talking about setting up from scratch an internal communications function that’s engaging over 8000 colleagues in 24 markets using a blend of global and local online, face-to-face and experiential activities, exploring how internal communications can work with other teams to add value and make a difference to an organisation’s culture and success.

Mark Tittle

Business transformation using Artificial Intelligence

Business transformation to benefit fully from AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies is a long and complex process. Like most major transformation, it often fails, because of a lack of adequate change management.

The objective of this presentation is to help people identify what stage in the AI maturity model their organization is at currently, and what to do concretely to move to the next step.

Delphine Bradshaw-Nguyen

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Digital Transformation: Facing Doom – Leading Digital in uneasy times

As of now, the Digital space still tries to keep its hype and argues still a lot with “Digitize or Die” – whereas in our businesses, a lot of other transformations are happening which draw the attention of the management. In this session we will discuss how to be part of this and include yourself in such a turnaround scenario.

Bernd Preuschoff

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Webinar: The Right Way to Select Marketing & Customer Experience Technology

Do you need to evaluate suitable technology suppliers? Are you looking to modernize, rationalize, or optimize your MarTech/DX/CX stack? In this workshop, get the inside scoop on how to match your unique needs with the right technology marketplaces and vendors, ranging from WCM to Marketing Automation, from CDPs to Journey Orchestration Engines and more. Discover how to replace outdated, waterfall methods with a modern approach to technology selection and take away a firm understanding of the major pros and cons of the key CX cloud/suite players.

Participants receive a copy of Tony’s book, “The Right Way to Select Technology”.

Tony Byrne

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